A New Way to Experience the Story Night Website

This probably isn’t that big a deal, but for quite a while I’ve been wanting to spruce up the website. What that meant, then, was going away from the former host and finding a new one. I couldn’t make something like you see here at the old place. Maybe I was the only one who cared. I’ve never been sure how many people were visiting the site anyway. That’s something I’ll be able to do now, too.

There may be new additions here and there, but this is our start. Thank you for your patience if you are among those who looked forward to new podcasts and such. Those will be here now. Here are two other new or renewed features.

The Story
This will be a spot for news about Story Night, posts about other events, and news and videos of other cool stories told elsewhere.

All of our events will posted here in the calendar. So if you’re someone who wants to plan ahead, take a look and we’ve got events scheduled through the end of the year.

But we’re not just talking about our events. Jeanne’ Sparks and Nessa Goldman are hosting storytelling nights up in Sequim and Port Angeles. The Moth goes twice a month in Seattle. One of those nights is the same as ours, so I’m only posting the ones that don’t conflict with us. I’m selfish that way. If you know of a storytelling event I’m missing, let me know. I even considered making more out of the events in Portland and Seaside, but that’s three hours away. I’ll limit it to things within about an hour.

Again, thanks for your support of Story Night and whatever you’ve done to make me feel like this is worth doing. We hit five years in October. I’m still thinking about what we’ll do to mark that. And I’ll probably announce it here first!