A Pausecast

You might have noticed a significant time has passed since the last podcast. Some of that was a result of trying to figure out what to do for a special episode. I mean, I don’t want Episode 100 to be just another podcast. It doesn’t have to super special, but it should be unique in some way, I figured.

I also was delayed by a decent sized project in my life away from Story Night, one that made it nearly impossible to pay any attention to the podcast while that was unfinished. That project is still unfinished, but a major obstacle was passed. So there is light ahead.

This brings us back to the specialness of Episode 100. I have never liked the themes available to me on the web hosting site I’m using. For the next couple of weeks I’m going to explore whether it’s time to update the site with something that looks a million times better, and is also able to acknowledge other features of Story Night. If all goes as I think right now it will, Episode 100 will be the first new episode on the new site. If it doesn’t go as I planned, well then the worst case scenario is we stick with what we have. And that isn’t all that terrible.

In the meantime, the monthly Story Night events will go on as they have. And that’s the most important thing we do anyway.

I’ll be in touch.