Re: The Future of the Podcast

If you like the podcast, don’t worry. I’ll get back to posting weekly the stories from our events. Now that October is over it is clear to me how much time I devoted to watching baseball, enough that I didn’t adequately plan around it to get new podcast episodes posted. I don’t say that with all that much regret. It’s just something I’ll need to account for in the future. It wasn’t so much the time as it was the focus.

The reality is I actually want to do more with the podcast. If you listened to the episode I recommended last week you’ll notice there was an interview after the story. When I first started the podcast my intention was to have an interview with every story. That worked, but we weren’t putting out one a week. I think regularity is highly valuable, so I scrapped the interviews and figured out how to create a manageable system that would get the podcasts published weekly. The World Series showed me I probably ought to schedule some breaks in there. Maybe it won’t be breaks in the podcasts, but breaks for me. I’ll figure it out.

The “more” I want to do comes in a few ways. I’d like to bring the interviews back on an occasional basis. Every so often I think it would be nice to have a conversation with one of our storytellers, or audience members, or maybe someone in or connected to the Kitsap community. Some of them will be one on one conversations with me, or someone. Others could be group conversations. I’m open to your ideas there. Another form I’d like to bring to the Story Night podcast is akin to what I did a few years back with a storytelling podcast I used to do. Within the next few weeks I’ll post something from that as an example. I am content with the reality that a lot of my ideas are not original. The good part of that is that models exist for what I want to do. We’re already doing something similar to what’s done on The Moth. if we expand this, you could see a collection of episodes that could also be localized version of This American Life, Snap Judgment, WTF and Story Corps.

The Story Night events will continue to be the first priority. I won’t do anything that interferes with those. The podcasts, though, create a semi-permanent record of that storytelling and, I hope, encourage attendance. I love doing them, too, so there is a personal benefit.

Thank you for your support of our events and for your willingness to have your stories shared. This is a fun thing we’re doing and I appreciate getting to hang out with such interesting, good people.