87: Johanna Baxter — Flying with Nolan


It's yet another baseball story, kind of. Johanna Baxter was on a plane with a legend, not to mention her ex-husband. The kids didn't care, and Johanna didn't know much about the supposed legend.

It was something noteworthy in Texas.

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36: Elizabeth Wrenn — Where the Buffalo Foam

We learn that parents are human when they demonstrate as much in odd situations.

Elizabeth Wrenn found that while cross-country skiing in deep snow in Yellowstone. While the park might be known for its bears and more recently its wolves, there are a fair amount of buffalo in the park, too.

Elizabeth would know. She received a good view.

We thank her for sharing her story in March 2017, when the Story Night theme was "Getting to Know You."

The music for this episode comes from Fleet Foxes, their song White Winter Hynmal.

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11: Steven Gardner — Swimming to a Different Conclusion



In 2009 I jumped into a pool after my 2-year-old had fallen in. Between the time I jumped and the time I got to him, I had time to wonder if he would need CPR, if I knew CPR and time to have a quick memory of a family I knew growing up. This story was part of our Oct. 1, 2015 Story Night. The night's themes were those that could be found in Jonathan Evison's book, The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving. The book was the featured title in Kitsap Regional Library's "One Book, One Community" program for 2015.