77: Nessa Goldman — Small Traveler

botfly, storytelling, story night, larvae, bite

botfly, storytelling, story night, larvae, bite

Nessa Goldman doesn't like bugs. She clarifies that a little bit up front, but gives us all the more reason to believe her. Nessa told this story about a botfly from Belize at our Story Night in April when the theme was "Taxed."

After listening to the story, if you're interested, check out a YouTube video of a woman having botfly larvae removed, if you think you can stomach that.

I'm not positive the insect pictured here is an actual botfly, but place I got it from said it was. Even if it isn't, do you want that thing visiting you?

The song for this episode is "The Passenger" by Iggy Pop.

Thank you for listening. We look forward to hearing your story.