63: Stephen Littfin — Lightening Up Musically


This is exactly the kind of accent I hoped we would get at Story Night months ago when I invited musicians to provide one song per night. It took an event dedicated to musical themes to add to what Lisa Nystrom did once during an earlier Story Night. Stephen Littfin provided a song written by Eric Idle for the movie "Monty Python's The Meaning of Life." It was the version he had heard by the late Steve Goodman. I'll let him tell the story.

Any musicians who want to perform a song that tells a story and fits with that night's theme are welcome to contact me to set that up. We'll welcome one an event and it's not part of the judging.

The song we end with was written by Steve Goodman and performed by Arlo Guthrie. It's "The City of New Orleans."

Thank you for listening. We look forward to hearing your story.