58: Travis Baker — IRS in Cahoots, Until ...


This is a story that affects a special place in the heart of the host of the Story Night podcast, because of a 2-year period in which the host was party to a "too-good-to-be-true" scheme, because of his parents and because it was told by a former colleague at the Kitsap Sun.

Travis Baker tells us of a venture he participated in on the promise of legitimacy, only to find out later that it was as illegitimate as a $3 bill bet on a sure thing with a bookie. The host's own parents were suckers to the same kind of thing, the host worked for two years with a company that sold dreams to would-be strike-it-rich suckers, and has in his own right been seduced by the lure of easy money.

Travis told this story at the October 2017 Story Night, when the theme was "Hoodwinked." It was quite the night.

Props to Travis for his long career as a journalist with the Bremerton Sun/The Sun/The Kitsap Sun. May he enjoy his current days in the sun. Come back when the sun returns when the sun returns to the Pacific Northwest.

Thank you for listening. We look forward to hearing your story.